How to use the allowed markup tags in Dropbox Forums posts

Thanks to Oz Edri for the original post on the forums, which can be found here. Markup tags are keywords which marks the text in order to design it and display it in a specific manner. Using markup tags will allow us to post more designed, neat and ordered comments in a convenient manner that […]

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Dropbox Forum Extender+

Courtesy of me, Richard P’s Forum Extender has received quite the upgrade. I’ve written a similar script for tweaking the forums, and had spoke to him on numerous occasions about the script, and he’s agreed to let me merge his script into mine to become a powerful, updated version of the old Extender. Enter Forum […]

Read More – Host production websites with custom domains and SSL

The Harp Platform is designed to host production quality websites and front-end apps with lots of extra features. Harp is designed form the ground up to be fast and reliable, with collaboration and teams built in. Visit┬áto lean more. Custom Domains Bring your own SSL Cert Highly Distributed CDN Preprocessing with LESS, Stylus, JADE, […]

Read More – Host Websites in Dropbox With Custom Domains

There is a new free service that allows you to host websites in your Dropbox using custom domains. You can go to and follow these steps: 1) Create a folder in Dropbox for your website. 2) Share it with 3) Wait a couple of seconds and you will see that a “dockbox” folder […]

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