This information is from a Dropbox Forums thread that is over two years old. Some information contained on this page may be out of date.
  • If you’d like to view and edit Office docs on your phone, you can do this by opening them from Dropbox with the paid versions of Docs to Go or QuickOffice. If you make changes and save them, they will automatically upload back to the server.
  • To take pictures, record video, or record audio and have it automatically upload to your Dropbox, choose New, and then create your media. Once you’re finished, it will instantly start to upload to your Dropbox.
  • For off-line viewing of files, long-hold on them to Download them to your Dropbox directory. If you’d like to download music or photos, you can do the same thing.
  • To upload any sort of file that’s stored on your phone’s SD card to Dropbox, you can install OI or Astro file explorers, and then Upload any file.
  • You can take any media in your Dropbox and Share it with other applications on your Phone. For example, you can long-hold on a picture and then “Share this file” with Picasa, Twitter, or Facebook, if you have those apps installed. Or send a video to the YouTube app.
  • If you like to make Todo or other lists on your phone, you can choose New -> Text file, and create a new note. When you save it, it will upload to your Dropbox. You can then edit it either on your phone or on your computer, and changes will sync back and forth.
  • Use Keepass to store your passwords, and place the .kdb file in your Dropbox folder. If you install KeePassDroid, you can open the kdb file from Dropbox to open it. When you change stored passwords on your phone or computer, it will sync back and forth between your desktop & mobile environments.
  • Want to share a file from your phone to a friend’s? Install a QR code-sending app like “shareQR”. Then you can long-hold on a file in Dropbox, “Share a link”, and use shareQR to share it. Then your friend can use an app such as BarcodeScanner to scan the link and automatically download the file.
  • If you like to download apk files on your computer to install on your phone, just place them in your Dropbox folder and open them from Android Dropbox. This is great for developers. And you can share them with others by using the “Share a link” function.
  • If you like to read e-books on your phone, you can install Aldiko. Then, clicking on an .epub electronic book file in your Dropbox will automatically download it and start the reader. If you like comics, you can do the same with .cbz comic book files if you install Droid Comic Viewer.
  • Like to share bookmarks from your desktop computer? If you create a Dropbox directory full of .url shortcuts from your web browser, you can click on any of them to open a browser with that shortcut.
  • If you’re a hardcore geek who likes to edit scripts or examine log files while on the road, make sure they’re linked into your Dropbox folder on your computer, and then you can use the DB text editor to view or edit your code, and save it back (and it should even preserve your line-endings).

Information shared from the Dropbox Forums.