Have you ever wanted to take a screenshot and have it uploaded and in your clipboard with one click?

Well now you can!

Jing¬†offers you exactly this! But you don’t want them storing your stuff do you? You want to store it on Dropbox so you:

  • Aren’t restricted by their space limitations.
  • Support Dropbox.

Follow these steps to set up Jing:

  • Download Jing¬†and install it on you Mac or PC.
  • Let it start up (you’ll need to get a screencast account to use it).
  • Go to the most right bubble (“More”) then “Preferences” and at “Set up sharing for” (“Customize Jing Buttons” in OSX). Click “File”. Set the Target Directory to some folder in your public Dropbox folder and set the share link to https://dl.dropbox.com/u/$USERID/[folder]/[filename] (replacing $USERID with the number you find when creating other public links).
  • Click “OK” and you’re all set.

There is one minor disadvantage: If you move your file in the public dropbox folder, the link changes, whereas with screencast it stays the same.