We all like Dropbox. But sometimes we want it to be a bit smarter.

You have a number of folders at your computers. And you want data from them to be in your Dropbox cloud at each moment. Thats it.

You don’t want to drag content carefully each time to the Dropbox folder. You don’t want to work with a single synchronized folder. You want this, this, and this one to act as the Dropbox folder from now on.

Cloudifile will do exactly this for you. Watch the video http://youtube.com/watch?v=5POmAhDiXtM.

Cloudifile is an application that helps you to sync any number of folders with Dropbox and protect their content in the cloud and on your local devices.

How it Works?

Cloudifile automatically syncs selected folders with Dropbox, simultaneously encrypts their content and ensures easy and transparent sharing of this data with other users.

All you have to do is to select folder to sync, right click it, and select cloudify. The rest of the work Cloudifile performs for you:

  1. Automatically synchronizes selected folder with Dropbox.
  2. Simultaneously encrypts its content.
  3. Puts virtual decrypted copy of data in its original location, so you can work with it just as you used to before.
  4. Puts virtual decrypted copy of data on the virtual Cloudifile disk, so you can easily access it from any device.

Notice that Cloudifile is FREE for personal use. It includes versions for Windows, MacOS (beta), and Android app.

Learn more details at https://cloudifile.com/