About JSBox and how to use it

JSBox is a Javascript extension for your Dropbox web interface that allows you to edit text files in real time from your browser anywhere and to restore groups of files with one click.

If you want to install the extension to your browser, use install.user.js. You will be able to use JSBox from the official dropbox site after installing this extension. You can use directly JS extensions in Chrome, for Firefox, check Greasemonkey.

Edit files

After installing the extension or logging in using the fake server, just browse your files as usual.

If you click this option, a new Modal box will open with a text box containing the contents of the file. Just make your modifications and click Save to submit the changes and automatically sync it with your all your computers.

You can click the link Open in new window to work in a new Window with the file.

Restore groups of files

Another useful missing feature for Dropbox is to restore groups of files when you accidentally delete them.

When you click your events page after installing this extension (or on the fake server), you will see a special link next to the deleted events feeds:

Just click this link and in a few seconds, all the files deleted on this event will be restored.

Follow forum posts in real time

With the last version of the Javascript plugin, when you browse the main forums page, you get real time notifications of new posts:

Just go to http://forums.dropbox.com and wait for new notifications after installing the extension.

Source code and technical information

All source code is available at jsbox.js.

The extension/fake web server should work with any browser compatible with Dropbox, although, I has only been tested it in Chrome 9.0 and Firefox 3.6. Error reports will be welcome.

Additional Notes

  • As of 2011/03/15, 12:14 am (GMT -5), the JSBox plugin now works with Safari 5.0.4 on OS X (with SIMBL and Greasekit installed.)