For those who would like iOS notifications with MacDropUpdate2,

It is easy to get push notifications on iOS of the update should you wish to do so.

There are several required items.

  • iOS device (iPhone, iPad etc)
  • Dropbox account created and the client installed properly on your Mac
  • Dropbox must be configured to use the Growl notification system.
  • Growl v1.3 either from the MAS (MacAppStore) if you are running Lion (10.7.0 +), or Growl v1.2 from the Growl site if you are running earlier OS’s
  • MacDropUpdate 2
  • Prowl Account
  • Prowl app installed on the iOS device or devices with the app linked to the Prowl account
  • Prowl Growl style downloaded and installed from the Prowl site.


The Prowl site does a wonderful job of detailing how to set up the Growl style on the iOS device as well as the inital configuration on the Mac


  1. Open the Displays Tab (using Growl 1.3) I always prefer to check the box next to “Prefix Notifications with” add a helpful description of the Mac doing the reporting.
  2. Next open the Applications tab and find the entry for MacDropUpdate2. Select it then click configure at the bottom of the settings box.
  3. From there click the notifications button, and then on the notification select box change it to “Update Sucessful”
  4. Under the section labeled Display Style, select Prowl
  5. Close the Growl Settings

Lastly, I always run MacDropUpdate to verify the notification works.


There is an alternative method to this and that is instead of using the Prowl plugin for Growl you instead head to the Prowl site and Grab an API key. You can look up the syntax for special options like low, med, high, emergency priorities. You can use the various syntax to strip all info but the necessary.

To use this you configure MDU2 to use the SMTP Mail plugin for Growl

Note : I was never able to use MailMe successfully.