Dropbox provides an easy way to host a repository with deb Packages.

First Step

Create a folder inside your Public-Dropbox-Folder where you put your *.deb Files:

mkdir /home/user/Dropbox/Public/deb-packages

or create that folder somwhere else and put a symlink in your Public folder:

mkdir /home/user/deb-packages
cd /home/user/Dropbox/Public
ln -s /home/user/deb-packages/ deb-packages

Second Step

Go into that folder and create a script that, when executed, creates the Packages.gz, containing all the needed informationen about your deb-packages.


touch import.sh


gedit import.sh

put this in it:

gzip > Packages.gz

make it executable:

chmod +x import.sh

Third Step:

Copy some *.deb Files into the Folder. Could be your own or some that aren’t available through other repositorys. Then go into the Folder and execute the script we put there:

cd /home/user/deb-packages/

That should create the so called Packages.gz File, which apt looks for to know which Packages are located at this repository.

That’s it

Now wait for Dropbox to synchronize the Folder and grab the Public-URL from the Packages.gz. It should look something like this:


Get rid of the end of that link, put some more words to it and you can now use and populate the following line for the sources.list:

deb https://dl.dropbox.com/u/11xxx42/deb-packages ./

That’s it you got your own deb repository running. Always synchronized locally, but available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.