For Dropbox users who don’t want to compromise the convenience of Dropbox’s cloud but need to secure the files they store and share, Sookasa has developed an easy solution.

Sookasa actually works from within the Dropbox folder to preserve the native client functionality as it provides seamless encryption and enables HIPAA and FERPA compliance. Essentially, Dropbox manages the sharing, but Sookasa manages the keys.

If this sounds interesting to you, it’s easy to get started:

  1. INSTALL: Setting up Sookasa is like setting up Dropbox. It’s self-service, so you just sign up and install the application. Sookasa supports Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Once the Sookasa application downloads, the Sookasa folder will appear in your Dropbox account. It looks like any other folder, but anything you place there will be automatically encrypted, compliant, and secure.
  1. ENCRYPT: You can secure files by dragging or dropping them into the Sookasa folder. As soon as files land in this folder, the Sookasa app encrypts them using 256-bit AES. Sookasa has passed extensive third-party audits to guarantee its security standards and verify its ability to enable HIPAA and FERPA compliance. Because Sookasa encrypts at the file-level, your information is protected no matter where it ends up.
  1. WORK: The encryption and decryption process is totally seamless when you’re logged in. Behind the scenes, though, Sookasa encrypts files on-device with .sookasa extensions, which Dropbox syncs across all connected devices. These extensions automatically call the Sookasa application to access secure files whenever you need them, so you never have to think about how to open your files.
  1. SHARE: Sookasa allows you to share your encrypted files with colleagues. Just right-click on a folder, click “Share Securely via Sookasa,” and the app will guide you through authorizing colleagues on Sookasa. Once you grant permission on Sookasa, you’ll share the folders the same way you always have on Dropbox.