Courtesy of me, Richard P’s Forum Extender has received quite the upgrade. I’ve written a similar script for tweaking the forums, and had spoke to him on numerous occasions about the script, and he’s agreed to let me merge his script into mine to become a powerful, updated version of the old Extender.

Enter Forum Extender+.

The new script has quite a handful of features:

  • Basic post markup (italic, bold, blockquote, code, lists)
  • Messaging system, to easily message other users of the plugin
  • Forum theming
  • Post drafting and customizable text snippets
  • Super User post highlighting in gold (to easier see posts when skimming)
  • Forum regular post highlighting in green (including a lighter green for newer regulars)
  • Super User icons (you know, because we don’t get our own icons)
  • Front page post count-based thread highlighting (to tell at a glance which threads are new, or have 2 or 3 posts)
  • Automatic front page and sticky thread reloads
  • Preferences
  • Post form title box hiding (because it’s useless unless you’re creating a thread)
  • Automatic sticky updating (prompt to find a new sticky when a sticky is no longer sticky)
  • Front page closed thread reporting
  • Post snippets, including a snippet manager to create, edit, and delete your snippets

And best of all, the script integrates with the Dropbox API, so you can install it on multiple browsers, and link them to your account, and your preferences, snippets, and drafts will sync between all of your computers. Feel free to check out the feature showcase before downloading here.

Don’t forget to grab a copy of the script at its official forum thread if you have Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey!