There is a new free service that allows you to host websites in your Dropbox using custom domains.
You can go to and follow these steps:

1) Create a folder in Dropbox for your website.
2) Share it with
3) Wait a couple of seconds and you will see that a “dockbox” folder gets automatically added to your website’s folder.
4) Inside “dockbox” you will find the file “hostnames.txt” with the URL to access your website. Copy it and then paste it into your browser to check it’s working.
5) Your website is online!
You can replace the URL that you see in “hostnamex.txt” by a dockbox URL like If they URL you choose is not taken by anybody else, it will start working immediately.
You can also set any domain you manage, but make sure to update your DNS records. You can set multiple domains for your website, just add them to “hostnames.txt”, one per line like:

REMEMBER: If you want to use another domain, different from, you need to have access to your domain’s DNS management system, so that you can modify the necessary settings.

How to point your custom domain – Update your DNS records
1) Log into your DNS management system
2) If yo want to set a naked domain like, point the A record to If you want to set a subdomain like, point the CNAME record to