If you realize that some files may appear missing in your Dropbox folder but: they indeed appear in the Dropbox website and the program shows all files synced don’t panic.

Windows don’t show hidden files and other Operating System’s reserved files’s attributes. The common files attributes are:

[R] Read-only file attribute.
[A] Archive file attribute.
[S] System file attribute.
[H] Hidden file attribute.
[I] Not content indexed file attribute.
[X] No scrub file attribute.
[V] Integrity attribute.

So Fixing this problem requires changing the files attributes. For this you’ll need to open a cmd line terminal:

Start -> Run -> write: cmd -> [enter]
Windows button + R -> write: cmd -> [enter]

Go to the Dropbox folder you want to change the files’s attributes and use the command: attrib
for example: “attrib -r -a -s -h /S folder_name/*”
Remove all the attributes for all the files inside the folder folder_name and sub-folders.

For more explained details about the command attrib run: “attrib /?” in command line.