Onedox – automatic filing of household bills to Dropbox

Description Onedox is a free, secure service that enables you to take control of your household bills, helping to save you time and money. It provides you with a clear, single view of your important household account and bill information across gas, electricity, TV, Internet, landline, mobile, MOT and road tax. It automatically alerts you […]

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Dropbox Tags – Use Cloudfind to Tag Dropbox Files

Dropbox offers best-in-class file-sync-and-share. And when used with Cloudfind, it becomes a powerful collaboration platform. Dropbox tags become a reality with Cloudfind, as powerful filters and groups of tags make it easier to find, share and organize your information. Find The automatic, intelligent file tagging helps reduce the time taken to locate just the right information from minutes […]

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Digify – Confidential file sharing made simple

Digify – Confidential file sharing made simple Description Digify is a tool for sharing confidential files from Dropbox simply and securely. Files shared using Digify are view-only and self-destructing. Track and unshare files after you send. For “eyes-only” confidential files, screenshots can be prevented on Android, Windows and Mac clients. On the iOS, if a screenshot […]

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URLifier – Add any file to your Dropbox with just a link

URLifier allows you to add a file URL to your Dropbox with the push of a button. URLifier is unlike any other, however, in that there are essentially no limits. The only limit is estimated at around 2GB, but will vary depending on how fast it is able to communicate with Dropbox’s servers. To use […]

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Quickly send attachments into storage right from your inbox. will store attachments and send them back to you on a selected date or you can simple store the items you chose. This feature is in Beta testing, but select paid accounts with attachment handling can enable this feature. Start a free trial at […]

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PandaDoc Dropbox Integration – Sign Documents Anywhere, Anytime

Do you ALWAYS receive documents to sign while traveling?  Tired of having to PRINT documents to sign them?  (Who still does that?) SICK of taking your laptop everywhere in case you need to sign and send a document out?   Use PandaDoc and sign documents stored in your Dropbox anywhere, any time, on any device, even on the […]

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Boxpx – Photo Sharing on Dropbox

Create albums, add captions, resize images, and share photos with  You can use Boxpx to share your photos beautifully. The website integrates with the popular Dropbox storage service. You can select which photos you want to show, and Boxpx will create a beautiful page showing the photos for you. Boxpx resizes your images in […]

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