Dropbox offers best-in-class file-sync-and-share. And when used with Cloudfind, it becomes a powerful collaboration platform.

Dropbox tags become a reality with Cloudfind, as powerful filters and groups of tags make it easier to find, share and organize your information.


The automatic, intelligent file tagging helps reduce the time taken to locate just the right information from minutes to seconds – saving hours of time each month. You can also add your own, manual tags to Dropbox files.


Need to share a couple of files that are across different folders?

Instead of moving the files to a new folder or copying them (wasting valuable storage space and cluttering your Dropbox folder…), simply tag them! Sharing with Cloudfind is as easy as adding a tag!


The automatic tagging algorithm will categorize files according to relevant topics that are important for you.

You can also add custom tags and even create aliases for them. Thus, a search for “photo” would bring up results that include picture/PNG/JPEG or anything else that you defined.

With no extra copying, syncing or moving to do, Cloudfind leaves your Dropbox files completely untouched – but makes them so much easier for you and your team to work with.