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-End to end encryption – Sharing, lightning fast sync and Enterprise grade security in a tapproof service
-SafeMonk for Enterprise – Features for an Enterprise. Say yes for a change – and let your employees use Dropbox. Learn More about our Enterprise Support.
-Doesn’t Break Dropbox – Works right in your Dropbox, so you can use Dropbox just like you do every day.
-Remote Wipe -Lost a device? Decide you don’t want to share something after all? With SafeMonk key management – there is always a way to say “adios” to copies of your data where you don’t want them.
-Security Across All Devices – We never leave data unsecured on your machine, so when you are not logged into SafeMonk, your data stays safely locked away, no matter what device you are using.
-Dropbox Fast -Opening, editing, and sharing with Dropbox is fast. SafeMonk is crazy fast.
-Secure Sharing Without Passwords -What fun is Dropbox without sharing? What fun is sharing passwords? Not real secure, either. SafeMonk doesn’t share your password, or ask to send your password to anyone.
-Account Recovery – We’re all human, and we all forget our passwords from time to time. Pick a Dropbox security solution that allows you to recover your account when you forget your password, because believe it or not, not all of them do.

Encryption is easy, making it secure without sacrificing usability is hard

-Tap-proof – it means we can’t see your keys, and that is really important. This is not some promise or a gimmick – we can’t see your keys even if we really really wanted to. Key material stored on our servers are encrypted with your private key and other keys. That means if our systems get hacked… Your keys are still safe. There is one key that is not encrypted on our servers – and it is your public key. As the name implies it is meant to be public – and you want people to be able to see that one – it’s how identity is verified. Learn more about our security.

-Keytree -Each file has its own key protected by a key that is unique to its folder. The folder key is protected by its parent folder key and so on up to your personal key. This way, not only is everything protected – but key distribution implies inherited permissions. When you share a folder with someone – they only get the key to that folder – which unlocks everything underneath it, but nothing else. Learn how we organize and manage keys and encryption in the SafeMonk folder

– Revocation – The keys used to protect files and folders that you have shared with others are constantly refreshed when the other user is online. They also expire after a period if the other user stays offline. If you decide you no longer want to provide access to anyone. You can revoke shared keys for specific users. If they are online those keys disappear almost instantly. If they are offline the keys will be revoked as soon as they come online from any of their connected SafeMonk devices.

Key Generation -Find out why this is the right approach to security. Our servers never generate any of your encryption keys… All key generation is performed on the client. When you create an account on our website, keys are not generated until after you have downloaded and installed the software. Key generation is done using well known standards, and open source components that have been thoroughly reviewed and vetted by the security community – they are on display for anyone to see. Find out why this is the right approach to security. Then look in the footer to see the list of open source we use.

AES, SSL, RSA – We know security; we know cryptography, SafeMonk uses all of the following secure cryptography standards. We use unique per file 256bit AES keys for file encryption. We also use unique per directory 256bit AES keys to the file keys in that directory. The parent of all the directory keys is encrypted with your private RSA key – which is in turn protected by your password, client key and recovery code. When sharing we generate unique per recipient share keys. Share keys protect the AES directory key of the shared directory and are encrypted with the recipients Public RSA key. Public keys are not encrypted and are posted on our server (that’s what “public” keys are for). Your connection to our servers is established using TLS 1.1 (newer version of SSL) and is encrypted with AES_256_CBC and uses ECDHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism (some of these values may vary depending on the age of your browser – always upgrade your browser). Now we can all sleep better.

The Team:

We were started in a basement and have since grown into one of the largest companies trusted to help protect important information for Governments and the Enterprise.

Chris Holland – Chief Monk.
David Pitard – Scrum and Mac Monk – whip wielder and Mac dev.
Russ Egan – Rails Monk -He has Super Powers.
Hemant Sharma – Encryption Monk -11100100010010100111011001010100010011111010101010;
Trisha Paine – Marketing Monk – Trisha keeps us on the message and connects us to the world.
Marian Gunther – Marketing Monk – Creativity Corner
James Fitzgerald, – Windows Monk – The world still uses Windows.
Tsion Gonen – Mentor – Wisdom and the money guy.

And we haven’t forgotten where we came from, and have moved back into the basement (figuratively). Working from a disused office space with folding tables and lots of cables snaking around the floor, we are solving some big problems with cloud based file storage and sharing.

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