Works for both dropbox 0.7.x and 0.8.x and on all platforms (Windows / Mac / Linux) – tested on 0.7.110 on Windows and 0.8.112 on Linux.

Won’t work with dropbox 1.2.x or dropbox 1.3.x because of the new encrypted config database.

Primary use-case is on headless Linux servers.


Download here

For Python < 2.6 Users


First of all you need to install pyDropboxValues, then place in the same place and make it executable.

Backup your current config database, in case these instructions don’t work properly _backup

If something goes wrong and dropbox doesn’t work correctly, you can then just delete the modified config database and copy/rename the backup into place.

You can then disable or enable LAN Sync by stopping dropbox, then running on

or off

and then starting dropbox again. On a Linux computer, you can use ‘dropbox stop’ and ‘dropbox start’ to start and stop the dropbox daemon.

Quick solution

A quick solution to turn off LAN sync without installing scripts is to use the command line sqlite3 client:

sqlite3 .dropbox/config.db "replace into config (key,value) values('p2p_enabled','0')"

For config database version 0 (has no config.db, but a dropbox.db) the value needs to be base64 encoded. Make a backup copy of the database file before modifying it.