This no longer works with Dropbox versions 0.8+. Please see this updated version.
import ctypes, base64, pickle, sqlite3, osis_windows = True
 # try to get Windows path first
 SHGetFolderPath = ctypes.windll.shell32.SHGetFolderPathW
except AttributeError:
 is_windows = False

if is_windows:
 from ctypes.wintypes import HWND, HANDLE, DWORD, LPCWSTR, MAX_PATH
 SHGetFolderPath.argtypes = [HWND, ctypes.c_int, HANDLE, DWORD, LPCWSTR]
 path_buffer = ctypes.wintypes.create_unicode_buffer(MAX_PATH)
 # 26 is CSIDL_APPDATA, the code for retrieving the user's Application Data folder
 SHGetFolderPath(0, 26, 0, 0, path_buffer)
 dropbox_db_path = path_buffer.value + '\Dropbox\dropbox.db'
 dropbox_db_path = os.path.expanduser('~/.dropbox/dropbox.db')

db = sqlite3.connect(dropbox_db_path)
cur = db.cursor()
cur.execute('select key, value from config order by key')
for row in cur:
 print row[0], '=', pickle.loads(base64.b64decode(row[1])) if row[1] != None else row[1]