These scripts no longer work with Dropbox versions 1.2.x and higher.

I’ve created some scripts that check if Dropbox is running, kill it if needed, change the proxy from None to Manual and then run Dropbox again.

Updated download link: Scripts

Old download link:

There are 3 main scripts

  • CheckRunning.bat – Checks for Dropbox and kills it (forces a close) if found
  • DropBoxTurnOffProxy.bat – Stops Dropbox (like above) and changes the Proxy to the “No proxy server” setting then restarts Dropbox.
  • DropBoxTurnOnProxy.bat – Stops Dropbox (like above) and changes the Proxy to the “Manually enter proxy settings” setting then restarts Dropbox.

If you need to have the setting changed to “Auto-detect” the values to use in in the DropBoxValues.txt file.


These values appear to be encrypted somehow (MD5 maybe) so if the values don’t work on your machine then you would have to look up the value in the sqlite DB then you have each setting set in your configuration. To do this open the Db in sqlite3 and run the following query:

SELECT * FROM config WHERE key="proxy_mode"

I use MobileNeSwitch to change my laptop settings between home and work and have these scripts launched for me to keep Dropbox connected properly.

PS the pv.exe is a freebie from (dead link) to list all of the currently running processes. It needs to be in the same folder as the scripts.

Note: if you need slightly more sophistication than this (though not as quite as ‘out of the box’ to setup), then have a look at Switch Proxy Settings

Note: 1.0.20 update The DB format was updated and there is a slight change needed to keep this working.

  1. The DB name has changed from dropbox.db to config.db  – this needs to be changed in DropBoxTurnOffProxy.bat and DropBoxTurnOnProxy.bat
  2. You don’t have to look up the values anymore they should be:
    • 0 = No proxy
    • 1 = Auto
    • 2 = Manual
  3. The values do not need quotes around them (they are numbers now not strings)