This script may no longer be necessary as there is now a Dropbox Help Article on this topic.

Quoting “N. N.” from the Dropbox Forums.

You also have this script, which’ll do that for you.

Note, that I haven’t had a chance to test it yet, so I strongly recommend backing up your Dropbox before using it. You’ll also need to have PHP5-CLI installed, as I have been unable to find a PHP-compiler that supports all of the functions needed.

Update 2010/12/29: V 1.2 released

  • Changed to make sure it tries to kill both “dropboxd” and “dropbox“.
  • Added exception to copied function.
  • Updated the version number in the PHPdoc comments.

Update 2010/12/28: V 1.1 released

  • Added support to move hidden (.) files on *nix based operating systems.

Update 2010/12/27: V 1.0 released

  • Just upgraded the script to support the 0.8.x and 1.0.x client as well. Script is still available from the above address.