July 12, 2013 – The final release 1.0.0 of SynoBox is now here. Check it out at the link below.

Implementing a “full” DropBox Client to the extent that the ape supports it (that other than efficiency is almost everything) in a NAS Appliance, in this case a Synology NAS with firmware DSM 4.0 and up. The requirements of “firmware” are due to the underlying Linux libraries and configurations on this particular NAS and just for the version of Phyton, packaging and compiling of the required binaries and libraries that abstract the User from the need to have any technical knowledge beyond the Web Management Interface.

Synobox, although a fully working client, is still an alpha and aims to propose a Dropbox client for NAS Synology, as it hasn’t yet proposed by Dropbox. It uses Phyton and the Dropbox REST API, that allows to interact with Dropbox, in a similar way than the Dropbox client does Windows, Linux and OSX. Be aware that it is not developed nor maintained by Dropbox, and is distributed AS-IS

The Home of the Proyect is hosted at http://synobox.fr.nf/ and the code (versioning and forks) is hosted on Bitbucket https://bitbucket.org/polandj/synobox/overview and while they move everything to the Home of the Proyect you will temporarily find developers’ documentation and technical Issues.

Developed and Maintained by Jonathan Poland & Christian Bourgeois who hold the Copyright (c) 2012 to the Code.