HipPlay is a free iOS application that gives you complete access to your digital memories, no matter where they’re stored. Your digital life is made up of the files that you’ve accumulated; all of your photos, videos, and music. These files represent the memories and feelings we share with our friends and families. We post photos to Facebook, we put videos in Dropbox and we store our music on our home networks. Very quickly, our digital life is spread across the Internet. It becomes hard to organize, share and access. HipPlay was created to solve this issue. By connecting to all of your media storage locations, HipPlay aggregates your content for you. It sets everything in one list, that you can search, filter and access easily. It’s a single point of entry to your digital memories.

How It Works

HipPlay is a content aggregator; it doesn’t store your media for you, but allows you to stream your media from where it is stored. The app provides you with an easy-to-read list of your media sources and files for you to search through.

Media Sources

HipPlay can draw your media from any number of sources. We are always working at adding to our list of possible sources. The available ones are listed below.

Local Storage

Photos and videos from Camera Roll

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter photos that you have posted, and that others have posted with you

Cloud Storage

Photos, videos, music and documents stored in Dropbox, Sugarsync or SkyDrive

Home Network

Photos, videos, music and documents stored on compatible NAS devices, which include: Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router EA4500+, LaCie Internet Space 2, Netgear Stora, Orange HomeLibrary 2, RaidSonic IcyBox, Seagate GoFlex Home, Verbatim MediaShare


Playing on AppleTV

You can easily stream any of your HipPlay content to the TV to share with friends and family. Vacation photos, dinner time music, or home videos can all be broadcast to your television set.

Sharing With Friends

Share your media with your friends right from within HipPlay! Share them with email, Facebook or Twitter contacts.

Edit Your Photos

HipPlay allows you to edit your photos from right within the app. You can correct red eye, adjust brightness and contrast, add a silly sticker and more. Bring your photos to life without having to leave HipPlay.

Supported Devices

iPod, iPhone and iPad with iOS 6+




Available for download on the App Store