Author: Christopher Najewicz (@tehsuck)


  • A Cocoa-based droplet that integrates your Dropbox account’s Public folder to generate short URLs from Dropbox’s somewhat long URL scheme.
  • Requires OSX 10.5+

Usage Instructions


  • Mount DMG
  • Drag to /Applications
  • Start application, open preferences and enter Dropbox ID, public folder location and shortening service to use
  • You can also create an Automator workflow to send files directly over the Service contextual menu. Open Automator, Add “Open finder items” step and choose DropShorty. If you like “Add Quit Application” step and choose DropShorty as well. This will close DropShorty after executing the job.


  • Drag one or more files (directories are NOT supported) to the droplet icon on the dock. Files will be put into your Dropbox public folder, auto-synched and shortened URL is copied to the clipboard.