NOTICE: The information on this page is deprecated and refers to information that is out of date. It is included here for archival purposes only. Try looking at Dropbox Portable ICE instead.

Author: Dale H, Revised by: Voyagerfan5761


DropboxU3 allows you to install Dropbox to your U3 Smart flash drive, while syncing the data to it as well. Simply download the Dropbox.u3p file and install using the ‘Install from My Computer’ feature in the U3 control panel. On the first launch, DropboxU3 will walk you through the steps to properly configuring Dropbox for your drive. Once you have configured everything, DropboxU3 should work just like it does as if were installed to your computer.


When upgrading, there is no need to remove the existing DropboxU3. Just use the U3 panel to “Install from My Computer” and select the new Dropbox U3P file.


This program requires .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed.

Also, Dropbox may not run on some computers e.g. public workstations. It is vulnerable to changes in system security policies commonly employed by public and university libraries.


Download  version 0.6.490

Support thread (on Dropbox forums)

Tips & Tricks

Change Dropbox Folder Location

Added by: Ryan Frenz

You can change the location of the Dropbox folder on your U3 drive by doing the following (BEFORE installing to the U3 Drive):

  1. Rename the file you downloaded to change the file extension from “.u3p” to “.zip
  2. Open the zip file & open the “U3Helper.ini” file from the “host” folder
  3. Find the line that reads: AppExe=DropboxU3.exe /launch “%U3_DEVICE_DOCUMENT_PATH%\Dropbox”
  4. Change the arguments following /launch to reflect the desired folder location  (For Example:  if you want to sync the entire U3 documents folder, simply remove “\Dropbox” from the arguments)
  5. Save the U3Helper.ini file (**Note: you may have to save the file to a different location, then copy it back into the zip file)
  6. Rename the .zip file so that it once again has a  “.u3p” extension
  7. Install to your USB drive