DropboxPortableAHK is a portable version of Dropbox for those who want to run it without leaving settings on computer and storing files on device like pendrive.


  •  Provides the newest dropbox version available (Note: Please read the FAQ for more info about this.)
  •  Keeps dropbox up to date
  •  Makes it fully portable -> you do not have to install it on every pc you use, just copy the entire directory and start the application
  •  You can put your dropbox on your USB-Stick and have it with you all the time
  •  You can select which folders should be synchronized to your folder (Selective Sync)
  •  You can maintain multiple dropbox accounts on the same computer/user account
  •  You can use your dropbox everywhere, also without administrator privileges
  •  If a new version is released, the old version will pop up a notification window asking you whether you want to update it or not.


Official website