The information on this page is deprecated due to a broken download link. It is included here for archival purposes only.


DropboxDataWrapper is used to change the default location of the Dropbox data files and cache. Normally it will be placed in C:\Documents or Settings\Username\Application Data\Dropbox (depending on your version of Windows), but this program allows you to change everything up to the {\Dropbox} in that path.

Usage Instructions

You must remove any currently installed version of Dropbox first.

The Dropbox installer file must be named “Dropbox.exe”. If you have a beta version you must rename the file.

Once downloaded, place this application in the folder you want the Dropbox cache and files to be saved in along with the Dropbox.exe, and then run it. It will ask you to setup your Dropbox again, this is normal. This should only happen the first time you run it. The program creates a subfolder in the location it’s run from called “Data”. You can avoid setting up Dropbox again by copying your existing Dropbox application data folder into the “Data” subfolder.

To have it set up a subfolder other than “Data”, simply run DropboxDataWrapper.exe with the alternative folder as a command line parameter, e.g

DropboxDataWrapper.exe "C:\I\want\my\data\stored\here"

DropboxDataWrapper will alert you if this folder does not exist.

Please note that you will have to run this application each time instead of Dropbox.exe, so any shortcuts that you use to run Dropbox, you will need to change them to run this application instead. If you are using Dropbox version 0.6.536.0 or above it breaks this addon. To fix, copy DropboxDataWrapper to the NEW application folder, or copy all of the files from the application folder back to C:\Program Files\Dropbox.

This application is ideal for users who install and run Dropbox from a hard drive other than C:\.

This program requires .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed.


Download DropboxWrapper

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