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Hosting Websites Directly from Dropbox

Dropbox is an easy way to create a quick website without the need for a server. You are limited to client side scripts and HTML since Dropbox cannot run any server side stuff.

Create a folder in your Public folder for your website. Put your entire website under this folder. Right click on the homepage of your website (usually something like home.htm or index.html) and get the public URL for it. Bookmark this URL. You can share this URL with your friends, and let them access your website.

If you own a domain, you can create a CNAME record that points to From this, you can create links such as[DropboxID]/pic.png. For more information, see here:

Alternatively, you can use TinyUrl or to create a shorter, custom link to your page or setup a redirect from a domain name you already own.

Hosting Websites from Dropbox using KISSr

KISSr enables you to host websites using your own domain name. KISSr is free to use for for third level domains (eg. and has very affordable rates on second level domains (eg.

Other Resources

If you are looking to set up Dropbox as a web publishing platform like git or svn, please see this article here.

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  • Andreu

    Hi! I’m building a WordPress site… Can it be hosted from Dropbox? Does it support it?

    • Dropbox Wiki

      Dropbox can’t host a WordPress website because it doesn’t have a way to store the MySQL database. There are other options not using Dropbox as hosting, however. If you need more help, you can contact us at

  • XeoN365

    Hi, I have been trying to host my website using dropbox but when it comes to step ” get the public URL for it”; I just can’t find it anywhere on rightclick help please

    • Tania

      i don’t see this option as well: please help!

    • Erik Olson

      are your folders inside the public folder? And remember, you can’t do this with a folder in a folder, so when I did it, I put my index.htm in plain view in the Public folder. You can watch it redirect if you go to Hope this helps!

  • georgepaulphillips

    I am part of a startup called Cloud Cannon ( We also offer CMS integration and automatically optimisation.

  • Mitch Seedorf

    I cant find the ” get the public URL for it” when i rightclick my index , ive also tried putting the index in plain view yes . SO that’s not it…

  • Aaron Larner allows you to really easily host website with editable content through Dropbox.

  • Anon is what I use very good.

  • Simon

    Dropbox killed the public folder and public links on any new Dropbox a/c. Its been driving me nuts. Can’t host a website anymore from a new dropbox a/c. Will have to either look for another option? of host it from and older a/c that has the public folder.

  • I have happily used dropbox to host my website for a year now. However suddenly the browsers firefox and chrome have become more secured, and do not allow me to display embedded html content by default. As dropbox is https, it blocks the http links (embedded vimeo video’s and blog). Without even showing a text balloon that it is blocking the content. Does anyone know a solution for this? Can I perhaps somehow host the public folder as http? I really like using dropbox for my website because it is so convenient. Thanks in advance.

  • sanles

    Well Google drive has stopped that option as from August 2014. If anyone knows how to host a webpage and get a public url for it please let us know. Dropbox will allow the webpage to be shared via a share link which can then be downloaded but that is not the same a public webpage accessible only by a link

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  • Anno Brigitte

    I know its The Second stupid action ever heard,but I used a irreal email adress,than forgot The pw and than logges Off. Backuping with The cloud bring to surface only Log off again.

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  • Dropbox has a certain limit for bandwidth or the number of accessed times a file (URL) can get in a certain amount of time.
    I had a very small javascript (.js) file hosted on dropbox. It was (supposed to) be loaded by my site, hosted somewhere else, aprox. 500000 times/day. It didn’t. After a while it started to display some error/restriction page.

  • for better web solutions.

  • Jon McQuaide

    Great for filing notes, files and contracts.

  • Certi Concerti

    Update: on oct 3 dropbox stops html displaying. I invite any user with new alternative solution to write here. 🙁

    • Jean

      Google App Engine !