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Works for both dropbox 0.7.x, 0.8.x and 1.0.x and on all platforms (Windows / Mac / Linux)


Download here:

For Python < 2.6 Users:


Place somewhere on your $PATH, make it executable, and then run it in a terminal / DOS window.

It will print a big list of all the config keys, and their values.

Extra Features¬†ūüėÄ

  • Get the value for just one config key, e.g. dropbox_path

or email
  • Print out all available config keys (the little u at the front of each just means they’re Unicode strings – you can simply ignore it) _printkeys
  • Print the location of the user’s Dropbox folder (not always stored in the config database)
pyDropboxValues _dropbox _linkurl
  • Backup your config database (so you can restore it, if you accidentally break it) _backup
  • Display the ‘raw’ undecoded values _raw
  • Display the ‘special’ options accepted by this command --help
  • If you want, you can do
from pyDropboxValues import *

in your¬†own¬†Python script, and then you have access to the functions GetConfigDbDirectory, GetConfigDbFilename, GetDbConnection, GetDbVersion, GetDbKeys, ReadDbValue, WriteDbValue, DeleteDbValue, & GetDropboxLocation (hopefully the usage is fairly straightforward, see Switch Proxy Settings¬†for an example) – I’m not sure of the re-use license of my code because it borrows so much from the two scripts mentioned below, and neither of those specify a license.

SyntaxError: invalid syntax
If you are using Python 2.5 or earlier maybe you will get this error.

File "./", line 213
    except Exception as detail:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

For fix this you must upgrade your python version to 2.6 or greater (or see the link near the top of this page).


As a developer and tinkerer I really liked the functionality provided by¬†Python Script to Display Dropbox Client Configuration Data¬†but unfortunately it doesn’t work once you’ve upgraded your dropbox client to the 0.8.x builds… I’d also seen some people say that it sometimes didn’t work properly on Linux.

…so I fixed both these problems by taking the best bits of¬†Python Script to Display Dropbox Client Configuration Data¬†and the best bits of¬†pyDropboxPath¬†to create this script!

Like pyDropboxPath, it seamlessly works on all operating systems and with all dropbox versions; and like Python Script to Display Dropbox Client Configuration Data it simply prints out all the configuration values stored in the dropbox config database.

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  • Ez

    With the latest version of Dropbox the linux config files are in different place (i.e. ~/.dropbox/instance1.

    And database schema has been upgraded to 2: (i get error msg: An error occured: Unhandled DB schema version 2)